KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

People have different views about workers with reduced work capacity, but those views are often tinted with misconceptions.

Workers with reduced work capacity include people with congenital anomalies as well as people whose health status changed during the course of their life.

Workers with reduced work capacity are capable of performing a wide variety of jobs, if the appropriate working conditions and requisites are provided.

KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. aims at, and its operations are dominated by the intent of, providing workers with reduced work capacity with rehabilitation employment and helping them find permanent jobs in the open labour market:

  • Our workers with reduced work capacity are employed in an integrated manner, where particular emphasis is laid on individual employability considerations and requirements, and on ensuring that the necessary support is always available.
  • Rehabilitation of our employees in terms of employment and training, as well as their social rehabilitation, through personalised consultancy and mentoring, is facilitated by rehabilitation experts.
  • Barrier-free working environment is provided as necessary for the employees’ health status and special requirements.
  • Our primary aim is to raise awareness and help change social attitude, to show how our employees with reduced work capacity can work and produce value in market circumstances.