KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Clothing items

Our sewing shop capacity ranks among the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. 30 plants across Hungary. More than 1000 sewing workers.

Our uniquely wide range of machines and equipment include, for example:

• high-speed sewing machines,
• chain stitch button sewing machine,
• eyelet buttonhole machine,
• interlocks 3, 4, 5 yarns,
• continuous gluing press,
• chain stitch waistband sewing machines,
• automatic pocket sewing machines,
• programmable bartacking machines,
• blind stitch machines.

Our history dating back to several decades enables us to supply domestic and international orders in the off-the-peg clothing industry; we also work for a number of Hungarian and foreign fashion designers. We cover the entire vertical system of manufacturing: patterning, structuring, computer-aided preparation of manufacture, cutting and sowing alike.

Working clothes

The sewing plant manufactures clothing items from working clothes to uniforms, to premium off-the-peg clothes, where our workers’ outstanding skills guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Interior textiles

Our up-to-date machinery and plants enable the production of a wide variety of interior textile products: quilted duvets, throw pillows, seat cushions, bedspreads, sleeping pillows, bed sheets, beanbags, kitchen textile products..


We can produce nearly anything using leather, artificial leather and textiles as raw materials. Our main products include bags, backpacks, clothing accessories, shoe uppers, car seat covers, furniture upholstery, utility and souvenir articles.

The entire manufacturing process is monitored to ensure high quality, meeting the standards of leading fashion companies.

Our up-to-date machinery and our workers’ expertise handed down through generations enable an immense variety of technical and technological solutions. We are proud of being entrusted by so many Hungarian and international fashion designers as the manufacturer of their products.One can sell their home if their perspective changes. Innovative advertising and cutting-edge technology draw people to cash-for-houses.org. By shortening the home closing process, we can keep prices low. To ensure your satisfaction and foster a mutually beneficial partnership, we continually exceed reasonable expectations. Visitors can explore the area at their own pace with staff guidance and education. We expect many successful residential transactions. Visit https://www.cash-for-houses.org/west-virginia/cash-for-my-house-morgantown-wv/.